Keeping It Real

Sometimes you can do all the right things (e.g., practice gratitude, mindfulness, reframe distortions, use positive self-talk and affirmations, exercise, eat right) and depression can still rear its ugly old head in and leave you in a world of suck. I’ve really been struggling the past few weeks and my biggest fear is: what if... Continue Reading →

Beating the Bipolar Blues

During this time of year, my mood often plummets. Whether it’s due to less daylight, colder temperatures, less physical activity, back to school blues, or triggering family holidays, I become more irritable and sad. This article contains lots of good advice to beat those blues!

Making the Most of Therapy Sessions

Have you ever left a therapy session or psych doc appointment thinking, ugh. I forgot to ask about x! It happens all the time to me. I either forget to make a note of it, or lose that note, or forget to mention it during the appointment. This article has some great advice I... Continue Reading →

The Power of Peer Advocacy

Of all the wellness tips and techniques I've learned, the most impactful and surest way for me to stay healthy is through peer advocacy. Sharing my story and providing hope to others gives me purpose and value. It also reminds me how far I've come and how important it is to practice all of the... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone

Dealing with mental illness is tough enough, but add a pandemic and nationwide protests and it can feel even more overwhelming and isolating, especially when you are stuck at home and don't feel like you can do anything about it. The situation feels hopeless and those old, familiar feelings of despair set in. While it's... Continue Reading →

New Mental Health Initiative

So grateful to have been included in the mental health initiative panel discussion with Governor Wolf, Rep. Mike Schlossberg, and Dr. Rachel Levine held today at Muhlenberg College. Through new initiatives and candid conversation, I am hopeful that mental health will receive the same attention, care, and consideration as physical health conditions. By speaking out,... Continue Reading →

Destigmatizing ECT

60 Minutes: Is Shock Therapy Making a Comeback? Kitty Dukakis shares her personal experiences with ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) and gives viewers exclusive access into her own procedure. While ECT isn’t for everyone, it helps many who have not responded to medication and need more aggressive treatment. It is mostly used for MDD (Major Depressive... Continue Reading →

On Recovery

ON RECOVERY Recently, a friend shared the following post regarding her recovery from cancer on Facebook: “I've been cancer-free for almost nine months. Some days, I can't tell if I'm recovering from all of the treatments because it takes so long to recover. But, then I look back on the past nine months and realize... Continue Reading →

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