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  • Another Suicide Note

    Found another suicide note in my thirteen year old’s daughter’s bedroom. The note is more specific than the first one we found last summer that upended our lives. This time she has a date and a means (“OD on whatever she can find” or “hang.”) She’s becoming more savvy. Tons of questions plague my mind:… Continue Reading →

  • I Get By with a Little Help from…My Support Group

    I looked at the faces on my computer screen, the people in my support group with whom I’ve spent every Thursday night on Zoom for the past two years. As the facilitator, I try to stay positive, but one night I was really down. I had just gotten back from a girls’ weekend with two… Continue Reading →

  • A Mother’s Heartbreak

                Last Friday my husband and I drove my thirteen-year-old daughter to the ER after she expressed concern that she would take her life no matter what my husband or I did. Our daughter has been struggling with suicidal ideation for over a year, but when she said she could no longer trust herself to… Continue Reading →

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My Mission

My mission is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals with mental health conditions and their loved ones. It took me many years to accept that I had a mental illness. I feared the stigma so much I chose to suffer in shame and silence.  Now I proudly share my story at hospitals and partial programs, facilitate weekly support groups, and teach mental health classes through The National Alliance on Mental Illness. For information on NAMI-LV peer support group http://www.nami-lv.org/nami-lehigh-valley-support-groups/nami-connections-support-group/

On this site, I share my own journey, the process of my recovery, and strategies I use to stay well and live my best life. You will also find a variety of mental health services and resources available to help those with mental illness and their loved ones. My goal is to give hope to others with mental disorders and help them in their own recovery.

About Me

Christina Dunbar

My name is Christina Dunbar and I taught high school English and Theatre Arts for 20 years. Now I am a Professional Speaker and Educator for The National Alliance on Mental Illness, a writing tutor for Northampton Community College, and a PBS Education Facilitator. When I am not writing or tutoring, I enjoy cats, crossword puzzles, Broadway show tunes and karaoke. To learn more about my story click the button to be directed to the My Story page.

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Christina Dunbar
Email: cldunbar73@gmail.com

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