After years of struggling with mental health issues, I was feeling quite hopeless. However, your experiences and insight gave me the first real hope in a very long time–that it is possible to recover my life, health, career, and self again.”​​

-Client in Partial Program

“ The patients and staff found her very relatable and her story and presentation powerful. We actually had a 4th year medical student observing and he also spoke so highly of the presentation.”

-Stacey Seislove, Transitions Director

“You made such an impact at Lanta!  Several people talked to me about how you changed the way they think about individuals living with mental illness.  It could not have been better.  NAMI is so lucky to have you speaking for us—you are a powerful force.”

 -Margaret Murphy, NAMI Director

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story with such candor. Without you the program wouldn’t be as poignant and inspiring.”​​ -Teri Haddad, PBS Senior Vice President

“Thank you for being the emcee at our 5K Walk & Race. You aced it! Your enthusiasm and natural talent really shone through.”​​

 -Diane Gilroy, NAMI Board President NAMI

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